South Denver's premier improv comedy theater company and non-profit organization.  Offering improv comedy instructional workshops and hilarious performances across Colorado.
Corporate and Charity Events
The Parker Players are available for booking improv comedy shows all over Colorado.  Offering a variety of short-form and long-form comedy using off-the-cuff humor similar to what you see on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Anyone can learn improv!  Come participate in our 8 week improv fundamentals workshop led by a graduate of Second City's Conservatory of Improv Actors who has 15 years of performance and teaching experience. Workshops offered though Parker Arts.
We are available for private events, ranging from a performance for your company holiday party to team-building workshops for all ages.  As a non-profit organization, we are happy to perform at charitable events to help raise money for a good cause. 

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More Than Just Comedy
Yes, you’ll have a lot of laughs at our shows and we enjoy spreading joy through improv comedy.  But we also believe in the power that improvisation has to change lives and we enjoy watching people transform into more confident people through our workshops.  People who join our workshops grow tremendously in self-confidence.  Public speaking is most people's greatest fear and if you gain enough confidence to take the stage without a script, you will have enough confidence to accomplish anything.  After all, life is improvised.